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This workout will get you CUT…from the Cowboys

Posted by Jeremy Paris on March 6, 2009


Wait...youre saying you dont lift wieghts?!?'re saying you don't lift wieghts?!?

What?  Too soon?  🙂


Yeah, we have all heard by now that T.O. has been cut from the Cowboys.  I personally think it’s a mistake and hope my hometown team (Go Bills) gets a shake at him.  Yes, he’s controversial, he doesn’t color inside the lines…but he also caught more touchdown passes than Randy Moss in the last 3 years…more than anyone actually.  He’s fast, he’s got great hands, and nobody can argue his extremely high level of fitness.

After reading a blog about his diet, I decided to do a search to see what his workout was like.  I was FLOORED when I saw that he doesn’t workout with weights.  That’s right…he uses resistance bands.  Crazy right?!?  Furthermore…he has his own branded workout bands out there.  I just HAD to see these.  How different can resistance bands be…what did he do, sign his name on them with a Sharpie?  😛

Yeah…I was wrong again.  These bands are freakin GENIUS!  I can’t believe nobody has done this before.  The bands have carabeaner-type clips on the ends and clip to the handles.  Then you get a bunch of different size bands.  So you can use one 7 lb. band, or a 7 lb. and a 30 lb, or….actually tons of different combinations that give you 1 – 2 lb increments all the way up to working out at T.O.’s level.  The best part about it is that you can buy the package for like $50. 

I immediately decided that I was going to start endorsing this product.  I am giving serious thought to stopping my P90X routine dead in it’s tracks and jump on to this one.  One of the main reasons is that I don’t have to do a 90 minute workout every day.  If I only have 15 min….I can workout a whole body part fully.  The  other benefit is that they are so small and light that I can take them with me in a backpack and workout anywhere I happen to be.  Want more info?  Click below!!!


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Tweaking P90X to suit your needs

Posted by Jeremy Paris on February 28, 2009

Run for Fun

Run for Fun

In my previous fitness post I mentioned that I made some minor adjustments to my P90X workout.  What I noticed was that 3 days out of the week I was scheduled to do some kind of non-muscle-building workout.  Plyometrics, Yoga, etc.  I decided to replace these days with “Run Days” instead.  I would like to be able to run a 1/2 marathon, and then a full marathon…and maybe even beyond.  Although Yoga and Plyometrics, and Kenpo will ultimately help my running, in my opinion it won’t help as much as running will. 

My plan is to switch up the Run Days so that I’m doing wind-sprints on some days and long distances on other days.  I am not going to restrain myself by deciding that in advance because some days will be stressful for me and I will benefit from a nice long run (my equivelant to meditating). 

If you stick exactly to the P90X plan, I’m sure you will experience the repeatable results, but if you aren’t happy doing it then it will become a chore instead of fun.  And once that happens we all know that any opportunity for you to miss a day…you will.  If you enjoy your workout, you will do it because you want to not because you have to. 

Aside from incorporating running what other ways could you tweak your P90X routine?  Hit up the comments section and let me know.

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P90X works…but at what price?

Posted by Jeremy Paris on February 26, 2009

I hate it...but I love it -Tony Horton

I hate it...but I love it - Tony Horton

Some of you may have followed my attempt to gain some size using the Squats And Milk routine.  Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.  First we found I can’t drink milk.  Next came an increase in strength, but I felt sluggish, and the only gain in size that is worth speaking about was two whole inches on my waist.  Not exactly what I was going for.

So now it’s time for something new…er old…I mean….ok, I bought P90X over a year ago, but only used it for a couple of weeks.  So it’s old…but since I never did the program…yeah, you get the picture.

So I’ve been doing the P90X for the past week, and plan to keep it up…with some minor adjustments.  I’ll get to those later.  For now, just a quick review of the program.  It has a sound foundation, great original nutrition plan, ultimate muscle confusion…and by the way, it ROCKS!

Why the derogatory title to this post, you ask?  Well, since you asked…my beef with the program is that it takes me about an hour and a half to workout each day.  That means I need to be up at around 4:30 am to get my full workout in.  Not easy to do after a 13-hour work day, is it.

I’ll be getting into the inner workings of P90X in my next couple Fitness posts.  Be sure to subscribe so you can find out why people like Sheryl Crow are using it, and also what my modifications to it will be.

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