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Windows Phone 7 – First Review

Posted by Jeremy Paris on November 15, 2010

While enjoying some down-time with my family at the mall this weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the new Windows Phone 7 platform for both T mobile, and AT&T.  Although Windows Phone 7 looks promising, my experience was underwhelming.  I went into Best Buy Mobile, which specializes in mobile devices…that’s ALL they sell.  They only had one Windows Phone 7 device, and it was AT&T’s HTC Surround.  The device felt cheap, and I didn’t like the slide-out speaker at all.  How did it function?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  The only phone they had there was not functional, and just had a picture of what it should look like on the screen.  The teenager working there told me that they were hardly selling any of the windows phones, and then promptly tried to show me a Dell Android phone that was the size of my shoe.  Really…the windows phones aren’t selling?!?  Maybe it’s because people want to see how it functions before they buy it.

Next, I went into the T Mobile shop where they had a functioning HTC HD7 phone.  Although the phone didn’t seem much bigger than my iPhone, the screen was a good inch or so larger, and a bit wider as well.  This not only improved the browsing experience, but it also improved the typing.  I was easily able to navigate within the UI without getting lost (something I feared from the first time I saw a demo of the operating system), and the tiles didn’t annoy me as much as I thought they would.  My app experience was very limited since it wasn’t connected to the Marketplace, but the things I did play with seemed to work quickly and effortlessly.  The two problems that I have with this phone are 1) battery life would probably have me plugging in before the end of the day.  2) it’s T Mobile.  There is very little chance that I would give up my iPhone, and even less chance that I would sign with T Mobile for 2 years to do it.

Last, I happened by a kiosk that had fake windows phone 7’s out and overheard the salesman telling a customer that they can’t put the real ones out there because there are too many thefts.  Two salesmen are sitting in a 6ft x 6ft square, and they can’t keep an eye on the handful of phones that are tethered to the counter.  Amazing.

It is being reported that only 40,000 Windows Phone 7’s sold on the day of release.  I think part of that problem was not having the full line of functioning phones at every store and every kiosk at the time the phones were released.  Microsoft might have missed out on the WOW-factor, and now that the negative news has broke all over the net about the poor sales, people who would have given it a chance may look to the other two players (no, I don’t consider RIM a player in the iPhone game).

I will hold out on any further reviews until I have a chance to play with someone’s actual phone and can test out the app and game experience.  I am also holding my breath to see if any HD7-like devices come available for AT&T in the next year or so.  As of this post I am not impressed with any of the other phones available for this platform.


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