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Presentations that keep you awake – Possible?

Posted by Jeremy Paris on December 17, 2010

Decide for yourself.  Click to watch.


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Air Chrome? Get ready to surf the sky.

Posted by Jeremy Paris on November 9, 2010

Google will be making Chrome and the internet available for free on major airlines for the holiday season.  This is a huge step forward for us tech geeks that want to surf the net while in-flight.  I have access to IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on a daily basis and I have to say that Chrome is my favorite.  There is still about 2% of sites that I need to use that don’t work great on Chrome, but what can you do.  I have to admit though that IE9 looks promising.  I haven’t played with that one yet, but will post to this site when I do.

Chrome will be available Nov 20 through Jan 2 on more than 700 planes including flights on AirTran, Delta, and Virgin American.  If you get a chance to use this, shoot me a comment and let me know how your experience was.  I am very interested to see how slow the internet speeds will be in-flight.  It could possibly give a new meaning to jet-lag.

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Facebook “integrated” with Windows Phone 7

Posted by Jeremy Paris on November 3, 2010

Facebook on WP7

Facebook on WP7

When Apple announced “Ping”, there was some talk around the water cooler (read: co-workers desk) that Ping was not too impressive, but that it’s possible that it’s just the beginning.  What if, for instance, Apple bought Facebook and integrated it into Ping.

Well, as I read this morning, it is Microsoft that is integrating with Facebook and owns part of the company.  They worked directly with Zuckerberg to rework the way FB will look and work on a mobile device.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my iPhone and am satisfied with how facebook works on the iPhone.  But having the ability to take a picture and have that picture post to facebook instantly without having to open the app is a nice feature that will be available on WP7.  And I’m sure that this is just the beginning.  I can see many many apps that can be developed for WP7 that could make use of the new “integrated” Facebook.  Time will only tell if this is a “big step” in social networking, or just “big hype”.

Side Note: Watching the PDC10 event and realized that Steve Ballmer looks like a slightly thinner Tommy Boy.

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WordPress from iPhone

Posted by Jeremy Paris on July 28, 2009

As you can see from my last post, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. With my newborn daughter at home, my son in town for the summer, and a new position at work it’s been very hard to get online for anything non-work related. A few weeks ago the clouds parted and a light from heaven came down to my open hand leaving behind the Holy Grail. Ok so the light was from the Apple sign and the Grail was actually an iPhone 3GS…but u get the idea.

Few things have positively impacted my life as much as this new gadget. It does what I want it to without having to think about it. Intuitive is an understatement. With over 65,000 apps, I am constantly finding new tools to help me do whatever it is I need to do. For example, right this second I am holding my daughter in one arm, watching my sons in karate class, and writing this blog in the WordPress app that was free on my iPhone. What’s not to love. Look for some new blogs from me any time I get the urge to multitask.

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