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Vitamin D linked to Mental Illness?!? That explains it

Posted by Jeremy Paris on June 3, 2009

My 30-year project

My 30-year project

I read a great article about how Vitamin D deficiencies (lack of sunlight) are linked to mental illness.  That made me start thinking…my cubicle-farm J.O.B. is driving me crazy…LITERALLY!!!  It all makes sense now.  People back in the Little House on the Prairie days used to all work outside in the sun (come on now half-pint…you know you used to watch it).  Now we are herded into our 6×6 cubicle from sun-up to sun-down and they wonder why people are always on edge and stressed out.  Hmmm, I think I just may have to do a 30-year study on working out in the sun.  Anyone care to fund my project?


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Caffeine: A retailer’s best friend

Posted by Jeremy Paris on April 21, 2009

I have said many times awhile back that Starbucks was a great business plan. Once it became “cool” to drink coffee Starbucks and other coffee shops started springing up all over the place. And why not? After all, once people started to drink coffee drinks it would no longer be a luxury…it would become a NECESSITY!

Coming from someone who “quit the coffee” a few times and am still off of it today, I know that caffeine is a drug. Every time I quit drinking it I had to go through a week or two (or three the first time) with severe withdrawal symptoms. Migraine-level headaches that hurt worse just walking into a bright room; cold-sweats; nausea; and the urge where “I gotta have just a 1/2 of a cup….COME ON MAN…I need it, you don’t understand”!.

But Starbucks never hit the whole market. Even when a handful of my friends were knocking back 3 or 4 lattes a day I had another handful of friends that couldn’t stand the taste of coffee.

Enter the energy drinks. Red Bull started becoming popular among the “geek” crowd, and when all of their competition realized that energy drinks were the “non-coffee-drinkers coffee”, new energy drinks popped up almost daily it seemed.

Since I quit the coffee, AND am working crazy hours, I fell prey to thinking I would just have an energy drink or two here and there to get me through the long work hours. One Amp here, one Monster there…what’s the harm?!? The harm is that I started feeling like I was drinking coffee again. By that I mean I would feel awake while I was drinking it and an hour later would feel like it was time to roll out my little rug for nap-time. I need something with sustained energy all day. No spikes, no drops. So my wife gives me a Vitamin Energy last night after a long day of moving to get me through the last 45 min drive back home. I loved it because it was by the makers of Vitamin Water so it had to be good. I decided to look it up today and couldn’t believe that the can had more caffeine in it than a double-shot at Starbucks. Ugggg.

And now for the “Duh” moment: I am telling my wife that I like the Vitamin Water (before I knew about the caffeine), and telling her that I need to find some more of that and her reply was “Why don’t you just take B6”. Genius! All of the good stuff that these energy drinks are trying to sell you on, you can just take as a vitamin. So when my energy is down I don’t have to look for some energy drink or coffee to boost me back up, I can just pick up some vitamins and have the sustained energy I’m looking for. And the bonus is that a 30 day supply cost about as much as a day’s worth of energy drinks.

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Screw Ovaltine…Drink your nice hot Creatine!

Posted by Jeremy Paris on March 10, 2009

Ok, Ok, You can drink your creatine IN your Ovaltine

No, you won’t get a handy dandy secret decoder ring from drinking creatine, but you will get a slew of benefits.  They range from increased muscle strength and endurance, to reducing cholesterol by up to 15%.  Studies are being conducted on the therapeutic effects of creatine for diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and even muscular dystrophy (MD).  As a parent of a child with diabetes, I am especially interested in the fact that creatine has been known to moderate glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

Yes, I hear you.  All together now “Tell me something I don’t know”.  Well, since you asked…did you know that creatine is better absorbed and useful to your body if you drink it in a warm beverage such as hot tea?  Add a teaspoon of sugar and you will get that small “spike” in insulin to help it get into the muscle cells.  Be careful though not to make the water too hot.  Boiling water will destroy the creatine, so make sure it is drinkable before adding the powder. 

I use tea, but it’s only because I’m “off the coffee”.  Put it in whatever you like, but make sure it’s at least warm.  You will lose 65% of the creatine if you put it in something cold. 

One blog is not enough for you to decide if you are going to start taking a new supplement.  So do your research.  There’s TONS of it out there.  Don’t be lazy, it will take you like 15 min. 

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Your children eating crap? Sneek in the protein!

Posted by Jeremy Paris on March 5, 2009

I have a very finicky 7 year old at home who eats very little other than cereal.  This made me start combing Google to find out what other parents are doing to help their children to grow up healthy.

I came across this product called Liquid Egg Whites.  It’s pasturized so it has the consistancy of milk, but it’s 100% egg whites.  After reading every page on the website I couldn’t believe how incredible this product was.  Apparently you can mix 1/2 cup of this product with a 1/2 cup of milk, and children won’t know the difference.  You can put it in their cereal, giving them 13 grams of protein.  Is that crazy or what.  Check it out for yourself!

Don’t forget to come back and let me know what you thought of it!

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