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Will Windows 8 change our office furniture?

Posted by Jeremy Paris on October 26, 2012

I’ve been following the buzz around Windows 8 for awhile now, mostly because I really feel that Microsoft finally has a product that will win people back from Apple…well, over time at least.  Make no mistake, at this time I am an Apple Fanboy.  I use Windows daily though at work and am really impressed with some of the new UI improvements in Windows 8.

Windows Touch ScreenWith Windows 8, most new computers will come with a touch screen to take advantage of some of the UI features of the operating system.  As you can see from the picture to the left that was taken from windows site, even the desktops will be making use of the touch screens.  I recall listening to an Apple Keynote where Steve Jobs discounted using a touch screen on a monitor saying that it was uncomfortable and instead Apple would use the touch pad to control the screen.  At the time I completely agreed, trying to picture sitting at my cubicle and reaching all the way over to the monitor to swipe away.  It didn’t seem likely.

From the picture though, you will notice that the screen is lower than a traditional desktop monitor, and it’s also tilted at an angle.  This makes it much easier to imagine the corporate world making use of touch screens for their daily workload.  Here’s a shot of the new Acer and Dell desktop computers.

Acer Tilted Screen

Notice how they are made to tilt back into a reclined position.  Why would they build that functionality into the screen and market it this way if the intent was to put them on the same desk that your current, and very horizontal, monitor is sitting on.

I imagine very soon there will be a change in cubicle furniture, lowering the surface of the desk at least 6 inches to make it more comfortable for touch screens.

So yes, Steve Jobs was right that as the current office stands it would be uncomfortable to use a touch screen on your desk…but I’m glad that Microsoft could see what wasn’t there.

Dell Tilt Screen


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