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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…Neither Was Paris!

The Road Ahead

Posted by Jeremy Paris on June 7, 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here.  I’ve been wanting to get my new blogging site up and running, but just haven’t yet and I can’t wait until then to roll out some new blog posts…so they will go here until I am there.

I was listening to a film-making podcast this morning on my long commute to work.  I was not “actively” driving and was coming up to a common bottleneck where the highway crosses Interstate 95.  Out of three lanes, one leads to an on-ramp in the left lane to 95 North, another leads to an on-ramp in the right lane to 95 South, and the lane in the middle gets riddled with commuters waiting until the last possible second to move to one of those two lanes…which of course brings everyone to a crawl.

Being on auto-pilot, when my lane (the center lane) backed up I chased the path of least resistance and moved to the lane on the right.  I passed about five cars before having to stop completely.  I was able to merge back to the center lane right behind the same car I had been following earlier.  Not learning my lesson quite yet I moved to the left lane when the center lane stopped, but not until it was moving very swiftly.  I now was feeling good about passing the 20 or so cars in the center lane and was about to declare victory when right at the point of the bottleneck I was forced to stop once again.  I waited for the bumper-to-bumper lane to open up…and it didn’t.  Just then I saw the car I had been shadowing earlier go by, and still I waited for my opening.  About five more cars went by before I had my opportunity to move to the center lane and move past the bottleneck into freely flowing traffic.

A smile formed on my face to break through the bitterness, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Even though I was by myself I said aloud “Holy crap…I get it”.  What I just experienced in the car is what I’ve been experiencing in my life.  I know the path that I am supposed to be on.  I don’t exactly know where it leads, but I do know the path.  I am happy when I am on that path, but often times there are obstacles that cause progress on that path to slow down…or even stop.  When that happens I start looking for other paths to move to that seem to be moving towards a goal much quicker, and when I find one I jump on it.  That does move me forward towards that goal…but not on the path that I should be on.  I feel it, but move anyway.  When that new path meets resistance, sometimes years later, I end up back on my original path and feel good again.

Cliche or not, It’s about the journey, not the destination.  I know this, not because of the thousands of books it’s written in, but by the feeling that I have when I’m on the path that I should be on.  Even when progress slows to a halt on my path, it still feels more peaceful in my chest than when I’m off of it.

Find some quiet today and think about the path that you are on.  Is it yours?

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