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Apple: Apps on a Desktop

Posted by Jeremy Paris on October 28, 2010

meowOk, what’s going on here.  One week ago I watched the “Back to Mac” keynote and was so excited I almost needed to breathe into a paper bag.  Yesterday I took back my Apple TV, decided that iLife ’11 wasn’t a “need” for me right now, and denounced the new MacBook Air.  Crazy.
Why is iLife ’11 not a “need”?  Well, I don’t have time to use Garage Band, don’t have time or ambition to mess with my 5000+ pictures, and still think that making the trailers in iMovie will be really really cool…the first few times I do it and that’s it.  So I figure I can wait awhile before upgrading.
The MacBook Air, while looking just as sturdy as the MacBook Pro, is not what I thought it would be.  It looks like a netbook, and there’s a reason for that.  It is meant to be a “better” netbook (as the apple chick at the store told me).  It doesn’t even have a CD drive, and although it uses flash memory which is faster, she said “don’t even thinking about using this thing for something like Final Cut Pro”.  It’s basically meant for the average Joe who will spend 95% of his time surfing, checking email, or creating documents and stuff.
I did have one positive thing that I thought about Apple this morning though.  Apps on the desktop.  What makes an app on a desktop different from an application?  The answer is Touch.  If you took the same apps from your phone and put them on the desktop but then had to use a standard mouse to use them, they would absolutely suck.  So in order for apps on a desktop to work, Apple would have to change the way people used a desktop….and they freaking did that.  First they started implementing the trackpad in their laptops that made use of multi-touch.  Then they came out with the magic mouse.  Then they came out with the stand-alone multi-touch track pad.  Those were all baby steps that were needed before they ever could announce apps on a desktop.  Otherwise, everyone would have said “Apps on a desktop is stupid…it’s no different than an application”.

3 Responses to “Apple: Apps on a Desktop”

  1. Jay said

    I will equate not wanting iLife ’11 to you being broke.

    • parisj13 said

      Yeah, I guess if I had crazy-money I would just buy it. But since I don’t, why don’t you hit that “Buy me a cup of coffee” button up on the right of the post. 🙂

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