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Does a magic kiss from mom really heal?

Posted by Jeremy Paris on May 13, 2009

I was listening to an old CD this week on my long commute to work from my new home.  Optimistically, I get 45 minutes of quality audio-book or audio-course time.  Of course on days that I am driving my 7 year old to school we opt for the local country station…but I digress.

The CD was from one of Anthony Robbins courses and it included an interview with Deepak Chopra.  Deepak spoke of studies that were done in which people were given stimulants but told they were barbituits.  Not only did the person behave like he was on barbituits, but his body reacted like he was on barbituits.  Apparently whatever the mind thinks is real the body reacts to.  He also said there were people that were given a placebo and told it was a powerful chemo drug for cancer and their hair started falling out and gums started bleeding and everything.

This made me think about children.  When a child gets hurt or falls down, what is the parents reaction?  “Come here I’ll kiss it and make it better”.  Us adults laugh at the naive nature of the children, but if what Deepak says is true, then that kiss by the parent IS really making that boo boo better.  And the difference between that kiss being an ordinary kiss and a magic kiss all comes down to sales. 

What are your thoughts on this?  If you didn’t know, that’s what my comments section is for.  ;-P

7 Responses to “Does a magic kiss from mom really heal?”

  1. George said

    Works on my almost 4 year old. Especially when you cannot find the band-aids!

  2. Zen Mommy said

    i totally believe in the magic boo-boo kiss. thanks for this!

    • parisj13 said

      Glad you enjoyed it. It always amazed me when I saw the magic kiss in action, but always just thought kids were weak-minded. Turns out I was. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  3. Karen said

    I am a preschool teacher and let me tell you, this works for every single child. I have 3 to 5 year olds. If we tell them it’s okay just shake it off they continue to cry. However, if you kiss them & hug them the boo gets better right away. They do feel the pain all over again as soon as mommy or daddy shows up though. There really is nothing like a parents love to make the hurt go away. Even if it’s of the heart.

    • parisj13 said

      There you have it. As a preschool teacher, I consider you to be an expert in the field. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Josh said

    The kiss makes the kid feel better because he wants attention and someone to show him that they care. That’s why the hug & kiss makes them stop crying as opposed to just telling them they are fine (thus ignoring them).

    I don’t know, if this, mind healing the body because it thinks is going to work thing really worked, wouldn’t there be a lot less bald men walking around (propecia, rogaine, etc)?

    • parisj13 said

      Hmmm…perhaps being bald isn’t an ailment. We just perceive it as one because of social beliefs.

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