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Getting a good treadmill workout is an UPHILL battle

Posted by Jeremy Paris on March 12, 2009

Up the incline!

Up the incline!

Raise your hand if you hate running on a treadmill.  Ok, not all of you, but a good number.  I LOVE running outdoors, but when it’s cold out I’m a big wuss.  Yes, I am from Buffalo, and I did spend 3 years in Alaska…but I still hate the cold.  So what’s a guy to do when you are unwilling to run in the cold?!?  Treadmill.

Why do I dislike it so much?  Well, I don’t get the spiritual benefit that I do being out in nature for one.  But mainly, it doesn’t seem to help me when I’m on the pavement.  I spent 2 months a couple of winters ago running religiously on a treadmill so that I would be in good running shape in the spring.  I’d be running on that damn treadmill and sweating my butt off.  But when I started running on the pavement in the spring it was as if I had not ran at all over the winter.  I could barely do a mile before my legs were burning and my heart was pounding through my chest. 

Why does this happen?  I have no idea.  Please use my comments section to fill me in.  I did try something new though, and I’m hoping that it will help me this spring.  When on the treadmill, I will start off flat, and every 30 seconds I will bump it up 1 on the incline until I can’t go any higher.  Then I bring it down 1 at a time.  I really feel like I’m getting a workout when I do this…but we will see if it helps any in a couple weeks. 

Please…any better ideas, let me know.

One Response to “Getting a good treadmill workout is an UPHILL battle”

  1. George said

    I believe it has something to do with the real world not being flat, or a constant speed or inclining one inch every 30 seconds. When you are running on real pavement, you have to avoid pot holes and puddles, change directions, go up long and short hills and back down. I believe all the varibles are going to use a lot more of the smaller “stability” muscles along with all the large major ones being used on the treadmill. I think the best form of running for me and you is cross county. For one, you are not always on pavement, with I believe is bad for your joints. It is partly on grass or dirt and partly on pavement. Secondly, alot of times you can change your course to vary your workout. If you are in a hurry, just cut through the old man’s backyard, hop a fence like your a kid again, get back on track and take it home. I used to like running around Delaware park in Buffalo, until I ran the cross county “track” around Delaware lake. Less people, different terrain, work more muscles, feel bettter when you finish.
    But what do I know?

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